Why Go Hot

The crew behind the creation of Sweat Yoga has an extensive background in “somewhat” heated Vinysa Flow yoga rooms – i.e. rooms that were heated enough to not be considered cold, and rooms that became hot because of the body heat emitted by the attendees throughout the class. That’s a very different type of heat – best described as uncomfortable than the well thought-out heated room at Sweat.

The Room

First, we are heated, actually as hot as that other well known yoga style thats starts with a “B”. Sweat with its high ceilings and air movement system reads hot, but feels crazy comfortable. The typical class is heated to about 106 degrees and the temperature and humidity are adjusted to keep it comfortable throughout the class. With the engineering incorporated at Sweat, warm, scrubbed oxygenated air is continually and evenly circulated, removing uncomfortable levels of carbon dioxide. Depending on the environment in the room, our system keeps the room humidified or dehumidified, and supplies constant fresh air, to ensure a comfortable experience. It’s a different kind of hot – a good, healthy hot. It’s a heat that will loosen you up and help get the sweat going, but not beat you into the ground.

For those not accustomed to hot yoga, you’ll be surprised at how womblike and comforting the experience can be. With that as a backdrop, here are some of the benefits of hot yoga.


The first thing you’ll notice is that we ask you to come in the room 5 minutes before class starts. Set your mat down, lie down, relax; you’ll be surprised at how comfortable a well-heated room feels. Your breath becomes easily measured, your pores will open and the heat aids in loosening up tight joints.

As class begins, the warmth helps to enhance your flexibility, allowing you to focus on the task at hand – your yoga practice. In a nutshell, the heat will enhance your cardiovascular fitness and you will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.


One of the healthiest aspects of a good, sweaty workout is the flushing out of toxins through sweat and movement. The heat speeds up your metabolism and helps to break down bad stuff like fatty acids. 30 minutes post-class, your complexion will glow like no other experience (well, almost). Between pollutants, moisturizers, make-up, etc., your skin takes a beating every day. It will thank you for the cleansing after class, and throughout the day you’ll feel more energized and positive.

General stuff

The heat thins your blood, allowing it to flow more easily throughout your body and assist in healing. Your internal systems benefit the same way your immune system does, thanks to the improved blood circulation.

Understandably, there might be a bit of fear walking into your first hot yoga class. You may be thinking “Will I get dizzy? Can I manage it?” You’ll be surprised at how quickly that fear disappears and is replaced by you asking yourself “What took me so long?”

The post-class high will stay with you all day. It’s undeniable. You’ll also note that our classes are shorter, at either 60 or 75 minutes. With the physical aspect of Sweat’s classes combined with the heat, a shorter class works out really well. It’s difficult not to get hooked!