Sweat Story

Sweat is a reflection of my many thousands of hours in a yoga room. A reflection of what pulls me back in daily – a student’s perspective. It reflects those days when the experience hits on all cylinders – the right flow, the right dialogue, great music, and feeling part of the community in the yoga room. It’s an acknowledgement that I walk out of every yoga experience feeling better than when I walked in.

Sweat offers its students an athletic style of yoga, a thorough Sweat, a community of like-minded people, and teachers who park their egos at the door – teachers who have something to share but also recognize that students need to be in their own space without the bombardment of repetitive cues.

And music; the joy of a class with a creative playlist, a reflection of a teacher’s determination to keep it interesting, current and well choreographed. Music moves ya, it will at Sweat.

Sweat’s classes are shorter, we offer the convenience of pre-booking a class, having your mats stored, towels provided for you, and voila! the experience is whittled down to fit a compressed lifestyle. The post class “glow” is impossible to miss.

Sweat classes are heated, most to about 106 degrees, that sounds crazy hot, but our rooms are comfy, the heat isn’t suffocating but most certainly, noticeable. The heat allows our students to get loose quickly, facilitates a great cleanse, internally and externally, and is an enhanced component of a shorter class. We installed the same air scrubbers NASA uses, ventilate the room frequently and scrub them clean daily, so that hot yoga room smell, well you won’t find that at Sweat.

So that’s my version of the perfect yoga experience, a student’s perspective, a “what if you could” moment. That’s the passion behind Sweat. Check us out.

Sincerely, tommy schey, founder and creator of Sweat