Sweat Sustains

Lots of yoga studios claim to be green green green. If we wanted to be deeply sustainable, we would have purchased an existing yoga studio and not built from scratch.  If we wanted to be crazy sustainable, we would be holding classes out on the beach – no building, no utilities. Most certainly we would not be running a “hot” yoga studio.

But the reality is, we have built a new hot yoga studio. in LA, in NY we bought an existing studio so its greener start then in CA.

So how can that be sustainable?  Tom, the owner of Sweat is a well-known green having worked on some high visibility sustainable projects.. Most of the materials and construction choices used in Sweat have an environmental rationale. Insulation, reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed wood retail fixtures, highly energy efficient heating and cooling,  water-saving fixtures in the locker rooms and LED lighting are all present at Sweat.

But Sweat is going one step further.  We have committed to not only carbon offset the studio(s), but to carbon offset TWICE our carbon footprint. A short explanation: all businesses have a carbon footprint. In its simplest terms, a business’ carbon footprint is the amount of all of the natural gas and electricity used during a single-year period.

There are companies that undertake projects like reforestation of a once living forest hat has been decimated, or supporting and paying for a large solar installation, that are known as Carbon Offset companies.  Sweat has committed to supporting off setting our annual carbon usage in an amount that equates to TWICE our carbon footprint. In other words, the project that we pay a portion of, will produce enough positive impact to equal twice the carbon necessary to run our business!

More than likely you assume it’s a significant financial sacrifice on our part. It’s not. And that’s the point! We want to set an example for other businesses, yoga studios, food markets, clothing stores, retailers, etc. If it’s an easy and not overly expensive undertaking, then it is Sweat’s hope that other businesses will follow, and like us, commit to becoming a carbon neutral world citizen.